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At Total Rehab Physio we have a whole team of experts in physiotherapy, health, well-being, and fitness who can cater to your every need. This is to ensure the delivery of the best possible high-level care and guidance, and in doing so, ensuring the best possible outcome for you, whatever the problem, whatever the goal.

Our original clinic in Bethlehem (situated within the same complex as Bethlehem Medical Centre, and just opposite the growing Bethlehem Shopping Centre) is the longest-standing Physiotherapy practice in the area and has been serving the community for over 20 years.

We strongly believe in treating the whole person, which has led us to expand our services to include more than traditional physiotherapy, and that’s where the ‘total’’ part of our name comes in…

Now Under New Ownership

Our Services

Total Rehab Physio is more than just a physiotherapy clinic; we provide a large range of services to our clients. Our staff are always happy to take our clients through our processes and explain what is best for them.
Our services include Clinical Pilates, Acupuncture/Dry Needling, Strength and Fitness Classes, and Women’s Health. Click on the links below to find out more.

Our Team

We love what we do, and we strive for excellence in customer service, ensuring our clients feel happy and cared for. We believe that health is a long-term investment, and the relationship between health provider and patient should be a steady, ongoing one.

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Our two locations will always have the doors open for you and your family.

16 Bethlehem Rd,

Bethlehem, Tauranga,


2 Jude Place,

Brookfield, Tauranga,


TR Bethlehem

TR Brookfield

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