Many people suffer from knee pain, especially as they get older. The following exercises are great ideas to add in to your normal daily routine and should help limit the effects of knee pain. If pain does persist come in and see a Physio at Total Rehab Physiotherapy for further advice and treatment.

  • Sit to stand: This is an easy exercise that we all do often throughout the day. It is very similar to the squat, but it does not go in to as much depth and you have a seat behind you for confidence. Try to include more squats or sit- stand in your daily routine; aiming to do 5 every time you stand up.


  • Bridging: Glutes are often weak and therefore change the alignment of your lower limbs causing more stress on the knee joint with every step. Lying flat on your back, knees bent with the feet flat on the bed. Squeeze your buttocks and lift it up off the bed, thinking of lifting each vertebra from your tail bone to your neck one by one.


  • Cycling: It is known as a good cardio workout, but it is also great for lower limb strengthening. It is important that you do stay active as knee pain often reduces people’s activity level leaving them deconditioned and more prone to further injury. A good 15-30 min on the bike 2-3 x per week will improve your strength and keep you active while limiting impact on the knees.


  • Swimming: Similar to cycling, swimming increases your cardiovascular capacity without any impact on the knees. You will improve your strength as the muscles are still working during the kicking or walking as you move through the pool.


  • Clams: People often have weak glutes and weak hip abductors. These muscles are on the outside area of the thigh and act to keep the pelvis stable during activity. If these are weak the hips and knees often change their alignment increasing the chance of pain an injury. Lying on your side hips and knees bent slightly. Keeping the ankles together slightly lift the top knee off the bottom knee, while ensuring your hips are not rolling backwards. Aim for 2-3 sets of 15-20