We all have busy lives these days, and with that comes limited time to do everything we want to in a day. Exercise is vital so it’s important to try and fit it in. We have five tips to help you incorporate exercise into your day.


  1. Make the tasks functional.

If we think of how often you go from sitting to standing it will vary, generally being more than 20 x per day. Now use this functional task as exercise, by doing 5 squats to the level of your chair before walking away. 20 x 5= 100 squats throughout the day that will activate your glutes, improving strength and balance.


  1. Incorporate exercise into your work routine.

To get some exercise in throughout the day use time at work to assist with this. If there are stairs, make an effort to go up and down them more often, rather than trying to do everything on the second storey at once. While sitting at your desk, you could also pop an ankle weight on and do some weighted knee extensions to get the legs firing.


  1. Make it a family affair.

Every family needs some good quality bonding time, and most families are competitive with one another. Use this to your advantage! Create a small circuit with body weight activity and complete this together. Break the family into teams for some team building, while getting outside and being active. Being accountable to your team member and firing the competitive streak in people is a great motivation!


  1. Use exercise as your down time.

Set time aside and spend time by yourself or with some friends, while being active. Take 15 minutes at the end of a long day, get outside and go for a walk, cycle, or the activity you love to do.


  1. How much is enough?

If you have been given exercises from a Physiotherapist they will often have prescribed sets and reps, however if you are just wanting to increase your activity try some of these tips.

If you are doing cardio (getting that heart rate up), with some walking, jogging, cycling or swimming recommended guidelines are 150 mins a week or 30 min 5 times per week.

If you are doing more weight (body weight or resisted exercise) aim to complete at least 2 sessions weekly.


We hope these tips can help you be a fitter you! Remember, we are always a phone call away for helpful advice. We also put on many fitness classes during the week if you were considering a more scheduled fitness routine.