Physiotherapy &

Sports Injuries

Total body treatment for everyday people, including weekend warriors and elite athletes.

Physiotherapy &

Sports Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy uses up to date research-based techniques to help restore movement and function when injury, disability, surgery, or health issues have resulted in a loss of function, movement restrictions, or pain. Techniques may include “hands-on” manual therapy, education, exercises or strategies such as bracing, taping, acupuncture, or workstation set-up, in order to promote recovery.

Here at Total Rehab we treat the ‘Total Person’ – i.e. all of you! Our experienced team of Physiotherapists use their knowledge and skills to fully assess, diagnose, and treat, joint, muscle, ligament, and nerve disorders, whilst also getting to the root of the problem, to ensure that you gain full recovery and lessen the chance of recurrence. Our ultimate aim is to empower you in feeling confident to return to sport, work and everyday life to the best of your ability.

Our Physio sessions are 30 minutes unless otherwise stated, though longer sessions are available for complex conditions, or where extra time is required. We are also able to see you at home – talk to our receptionist about Home Visits if you’re unable to travel into one of our clinics.

How we can help

An initial assessment will include lots of questions from the Physiotherapist to gather as much information as possible about you, your injury or problem, and your restrictions or limitations. From there, we will progress to fully assessing the problem area(s) and in order to do this properly we need to see the body part and surrounding region, so you may be asked to remove outer clothing.  For lower limb problems, shorts are a great idea, but if you don’t have any, we do have gowns and shorts available. We maintain privacy and dignity at all times.

We work closely with other health professionals to ensure an integrated approach in your treatment, including surgeons, GPs, sports specialists, midwives, podiatrists, radiologists/sonographers, massage therapists, schools, ACC, and team coaches to name but a few!

We are also able to refer for ultrasound scans (including cortisone injections) and x-rays, and directly refer to surgeons if it is appropriate. We’ll discuss this with you and include you in all of the decision making about your care – at the end of the day, it’s your body and no-one knows it better than you; we’re here to offer guidance and support using the best of our knowledge and capabilities.

Common things that we treat:

Musculoskeletal conditions and injuries include anything involving the joints, ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons and structures that support limbs, and the spine, and are the most common type of private practice physiotherapy. Musculoskeletal issues can include wear and tear, postural dysfunctions, or arise from a sudden exertion, or repeated activity performed over time, or from an accident.  Below is a list of common things that we see, though this is certainly not exhaustive! If your condition isn’t listed here, don’t panic – this is only a few of the things that we see and treat!

  • Neck pain & whiplash
  • Lower back pain and disorders including discs, sciatica and SIJ
  • Headaches
  • Arthritis
  • Rotator cuff injuries including post-operative rehabilitation
  • Tennis & Golfer’s elbow
  • Ankle sprains
  • Knee injuries including ACL, collateral ligaments, cartilage injuries
  • Muscle tears
  • Sports specific Injuries/disorders including ITB, runner’s knee
  • Achilles strains and tendonitis
  • Total joint replacements (hips, knees, shoulders etc)
  • Fractures (ankle, wrist, thoracic compression fractures etc)
  • Chronic pain



To Maximise functional ability and promote independence.

What Is Neurological Physiotherapy?

Damage to the central nervous system, including your brain and spinal cord, can result in loss of movement and/or sensation, uncoordinated movement, weak muscles or tight muscles which won’t work properly, and balance issues, which all ultimately affect everyday function. Our expert team at  Total Rehab Physiotherapy are able to assess and goal set together with you and your family/carers in order to maximize your functional ability, and have set up and run specific hydrotherapy and neuro pilates services for the MS Society. Our Physios are able see you in clinic, at home or at a local pool to competently assess and treat:

  • Stroke (CVA, Haemorrhage & TIA)
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Head injury (mild traumatic brain injury)
  • Brachial plexus injuries

How We Can Help

As professionals, our clinicians regularly undertake training to ensure that we remain up to date with the most recent treatment techniques and research, and our senior team hold additional post-graduate qualifications in Physiotherapy, and Rehabilitation. Our on-site gym and studio facilities enable us to move from a clinical environment to more dynamic rehabilitation where appropriate or desirable; effectively bridging the gap between Physiotherapy and resumption of everyday activities, whether it’s a walk to the letterbox, or an Ironman event – your goals are our focus, and often we’ll be there cheering you on and celebrating those successes together with you!

Any Questions?

Any Questions?