Memory Foam Pillow by Complete Sleeprrr



The Complete Sleeprrr: Memory Foam Original Pillow is a premium pillow for someone who needs cervical or neck support while they sleep and is suited to adults of all sizes. This memory foam pillow is made of a softer density, temperature sensitive visco elastic memory foam. This pillow moulds to the shape of your head and neck while you sleep to give you the ideal support you need.

This therapeutic contoured neck pillow is ideal for those people who sleep on their side or back. This pillow is extremely supportive for people with a smaller to medium/average frame and combines the support you need with the comfort you want.

Memory Foam Pillow Features

  • Premium Therapeutic Countered Pillow
  • Ideally suited for smaller to medium/average frame people
  • Provides ideal support for either back or side sleepers
  • Made from a softer density memory foam
  • Moulds to the shape of your head and neck while you sleep
  • Has a higher and lower side to suit your individual preferences
  • Has removable inserts and can be adjusted into up to 12 positions
  • Australian owned and Australian Made

Product Specifications:

Length 50cm
Width 37cm
Height 17cm