Almost everyone will be aware of some stiffness in their lower back after a few hours of sitting in a car, office chair or simply relaxing on the couch.

If you already have back pain, this could increase the risk of further problems or perpetuate your existing symptoms.

The next time you are out & about in a public place such as a cafe or waiting room, have a good look at how people are sitting. You will notice that most of people will sit with their backs rounded or slouched forward.

Did you know that when our bodies relax, the supportive muscles and ligaments are simply placed on full stretch. When sustained long enough, distortion of the spinal discs can occur and the problem starts to become more serious.

Have you ever been sitting for a long time and then have difficulty getting out of your seat, then have the need to take a few steps to be able to fully straighten up?

Here are some steps to take in assisting you with relief of lower back pain:

  1. Sit down with your buttocks well back into the chair seat.
  2. Now lean forward and place a rolled up towel or cushion just above the waist, then lean back over the  support.
  3. Maintain the hollow in the back and attempt your sit-up by standing upright & walking about.

Note: A change from one posture to another takes time and several weeks to change. Your body will gradually get used to the new position over time.

Blog Post by Rob Reed – Physiotherapist