What our clients think

Prior to starting Pilates classes I regularly attended Osteopathic sessions for aches and pains. Since starting Pilates in 2011 the only time I’ve had to go to the Osteopath was when I started Zumba – not a wise move for someone of my age! Sensibly I no longer attend Zumba and have not needed to go for Osteo treatment again. Pilates is amazing. No more aches and pains, great posture, fantastic feeling after each session and a friendly bunch of people. I’d recommend Pilates for anyone of any age; it really is life changing. Being trained Physiotherapists, the Pilates instructors at Total Rehab are so skilled and can adjust the programme around anyone, and they’re fun to the bargain! A huge thanks to the Pilates tutors.

Jane J

Total Rehab Customer

I have been going to Cath at Total Rehab Physiotherapy just under a year. I am part of the Pinc & Steel Rehab program after having 2 years of Breast Cancer – (double mastectomy). During this time I have found Cath and the team “FABULOUS” – my mobility and movement has increased and it has taken me out of that dark hole – I am now a regular at their gym and have monthly targets to achieve – I feel at home with these ladies and if you want to make a change for yourself – Total Rehab Physiotherapy is a great place to Start your journey

Karen Cleasby

Total Rehab Customer

Being told I was one of 2,500 annually diagnosed breast cancer cases, was to say the least, dreadful. The next thing my doctor told me I was ‘one of the lucky ones’, that I would survive. In amongst the fog of shock, I felt positive I would not die from this. The diagnosis came at the age of 47, with a long history of sciatic problems. I was in recovery from a spinal fusion, adding that to the recovery time of my right mastectomy & instant implant reconstruction and an axillary dissection, all taking weeks to heal, until finally, I lost the implant. This resulted in total deconditioning of myself. With every treatment, I undertook there were the most terrible side effects, as well as taking medication with many major side effects as well. I felt unsure if this surviving was really so lucky. I do feel that I was lucky to hear about PINC at this dark time. PINC has helped me learn so much about the recovery process and reclaiming my life back. I didn’t want to survive, I wanted to live. PINC set up a personal training programme, treated my lymphoedema; hands-on reduced my scar tissue and motivated me, helping with fatigue and poor sleep. I’m empowered. I live.


Total Rehab Customer

After a really nasty motorcycle accident in February 2013 I was left paralysed on my left shoulder and arm with a severe Brachial plexus injury along with a badly smashed Tibia and Fibula. I had been referred to your clinic for assessment and treatment and was relatively skeptical as to whether Physiotherapy could, and would, actually be of much help in my recovery. After nearly 15 months of working with Cath, there has been remarkable recovery primarily because of her extensive training and experience in working with these complex injuries. I am very pleased and thankful to have her facilitate my recovery and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Cath and her highly qualified team to be part of any rehabilitation and recovery program. I have always looked forward to my treatment sessions as Cath makes them fun. So thank you once again, I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my friends or indeed anybody in need of your expertise. Many thanks!

Rob Wilkinson

Total Rehab Customer